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Welcome to the Basel Highlight Reel. Updated in chaotic fashion. 

All content copyright Monica McGivern. Use granted with prior written consent only. 
Basel 2016

As part of Art Basel's public programming, Monica performed in Naama Tsabar's "Composition 18." The performances took place in Collin's Park, in collaboration with the Bass Museum of Art.


December 04, 2014 Re-Cap

Day 1 of 4: Documenting the art and performances of 33 prolific female artists for Spinello Gallery.


The day began with the natural light in the warehouse illuminating 100 water filled balloons in preperation for Cheryl Pope's piece, "Up Against."


Eloise Fornieles managed to stay on a treadmill, with a projection on her chest, for the duration of Day One. "The Death of Nature" is an ongoing piece through the show's finale on Sunday.


Ana Mendez repeatedly threw herself down a flight of stairs and gracefully rose back up, replicating the movement in revese.



Good Morning, Miami!

Windy, but the sun was shining this morning, December 3, 2014.


I think "bulldozers at dawn" is a promising series, no?


Happy Basel-ing, FRIENDS


The first official show I attended for Art Basel 2014! Depending on your job, some images NSFW...

Art everywhere!!

Swung by Spinello Projects pop-up in the Design District last night (Sunday) to see Anthony and crew putting the final touches on the gorgeous Kris Knight show.


Kris had just flown in from Canada and I mentioned that I had heard of some of my friends sneaking over the Canadian border when I was growing up in Michigan on their 19th birthday since that was the legal drinking age in Canada. He told me that he and friends used to sneak into America at 16 because no one cared in Detroit! HA!


Next door I recognized these pieces by TYPOE peeking through the window at apt606. Link on the photo to the opening, December 1.

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